a0202c_623748a05272444a87d8cb0ae435e71c-mv2_d_2800_3500_s_4_2I don’t know if I am a photographer,
for sure I am a Dreamer. Yes, with a capital D because I love dream BIG.

30 years old. Explorer of the world and of mankind.
I live in Italy in a beautiful area called Romagna.
I love to travel the world, meet different people and learn from other cultures.

I do landscape, portraits, fashion, commercial & still life photography.
I prefer taking shots of people while they are doing their work and I don’t like to tell themwhat they have to do and how they have to move.
I retouch my work with professional softwares like Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop, etc.

Available for collaborations with Brands and people from all over the world.